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Beyond the Electronic Chart Beyond the Electronic Chart: How to Save a Life, and 5 other Ways to Use Your EHR

Today, the benefits of EHRs have become much clearer. In addition to aiding in diagnoses and reducing errors, EHRs have evolved into a platform that offers a myriad of benefits for both physicians and patients. In this paper, we’ll explore six of the most prominent: Patient Portals, Secure Messaging, Health Vault Integration, ICD-10, Mobile Health and Big Data. You’ll see the impact of these EHR uses on real life experiences, and how you can adapt them in your practice.

10_steps_to_emr10 Steps to Switching EHRs: The Pain is Worth the Price

In this paper, we give practices some perspective in determining whether the pain of switching from one EHR system to another is worth the price. We’ll share some data on why practices are considering the Big EHR Switch, what options they’re considering, and offer some real-life stories from practices who went through the pain, and the value of the gains they experienced. Finally, you’ll find a 10-Step guide to help you navigate and succeed at replacing your EHR.

ICD-10_BPGICD-10 Best Practices Guide

The industry has been slow to prepare for one of the most wide ranging initiatives in the past thirty years, but with the count-down ticking down quickly, the time to prepare is now. This guide will help both large and small practices, hospital systems and individual physicians through this critical time of coordination, testing, and education, and will help you prepare for the changes you will need to face on and after October 1, 2015 deadline.

EHR Best Practices cover pageEHR Best Practices Guide

Through interviews with industry experts (hospital CIOs, independent physicians, consultants, etc.), the editors of EHRintelligence.com compiled a list of best practices for successfully implementing electronic health record (EHR) systems. Despite their transient nature, these best practices share one common feature: collaboration. Without executive leadership, IT professionals, and clinical staff firmly in support, no organization big or small is capable of using EHR technology in a meaningful way.

ABCs_of_MUThe ABCs of Meaningful Use (Stage 1)

Meaningful Use is here, and it offers your practice a real opportunity to collect substantial incentive payments. But what exactly is it? How do you qualify? How do you get started? And most importantly, how and when do you get paid? In this paper we’ll answer all of these questions and provide details of how to register and report on your use of electronic medical records software.

ABCs_of_EMR_financingThe ABCs of EMR Lease Financing

With practices already struggling to manage their expenses, paying for an EMR can be expensive. Fortunately, it is possible to make your investment more easily affordable if you work with the right partners. This straightforward guide covers three main topics: 1) Why should you consider EMR lease financing?, 2) Advantages of leasing vs. buying, and 3) How to qualify and what you can finance.

Customer Stories

Mark Brown, MD FACS

Mark Brown, MD FACS

“From Paper to iPads: One Doctor’s Account of His Four-Year Search for the Perfect EMR”

When this all started, Mark Brown was the most prolific surgeon in the Central Park ENT group, but very resistant to Electronic Health Records.  The partners thought they needed an EHR to bring them into the next century; but he was the self-proclaimed office Luddite. The partners explored system after system–nearly a dozen in all–but (luckily for him), Dr. Brown was the managing partner and had veto power over all of them. One by one, he turned them all down until the doctors and staff were ready to “string me up by my toenails.”

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Dr. Dan Bhakta, DPM

Dr. “Dan” Bhakta, DPM

“Positioning for Growth: Embracing the Challenges of Changing EMR Software in a Busy Practice”

The Challenge: “MDLogic was a key player in the podiatry market but it was expensive. Between GE Centricity and MDLogic, the billing and electronic record software were different programs. Someone had to pull data from my documents and input it into different systems, and that was a problem. I ended up going back to my old way of writing charts, doing short notes and abbreviating things. That was faster for me. I would circle the billing things and they would enter it. So, [our practice] was partially paper and partially electronic.”

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Dr. Stuart Thomas

Dr. Stuart Thomas

“EMR: Slowing Down to Speed Up… The Trade-Off is Worth It”

An interview with Stuart Thomas, MD, on the move to EMR and how it changed his life.
Q: What was your reaction to finding out your office was going to go to electronic records?
A: Reluctant…. I knew this day would come but I was not excited about it.”

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Dr. Reza Mobarak

“Taking the Doctor’s Advice: Peer Recommendations for EMR Let Podiatrists Cut to the Chase”

[Dr. Mobarak] knew he had to make the move to an EMR, but did not know much about it. What he did know was that he had a limited time before government-imposed penalties kicked…  So, he turned to people he knew and trusted, who had already made the leap, and learned from their experiences.

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